With Callbacker you can call anywhere in the world at the lowest rates possible!

Callbacker is a new mobile application for your iPhone®, Android, which will help you make cheap phone calls around the world. Simply register an account, make a deposit from your iTunes® account or PayPal, and you're ready to make cheap phone calls. It's very convenient because you don't have to check your mobile account balance all the time.


01.11.2014Earn money with the Callbacker and call for free! See more in the Callbacker.
25.02.2012Besides callback calls we support VoIP calls with the iOS and Android version of the Callbacker now!
06.11.2012New services: topup with PayPal, Personal "My Account" section, callback and VoIP calls from VoIP-devices!
22.09.2012Now our prices are lower by 40% for Callbacker for Android!

You can download Callbacker now for your softphone:


Using iTunes® or Google Play® account to deposit your balance

You can deposit your account balance any time from the screen of your phone, no matter your current location - out of town, on the beach, on a visit, at work, on the way home and even in your car. You only need to enter you iTunes® or Google Play® account password. Either on a business trip or vacation, you can use the Callbacker service any time - your account is deposited instantly.

Cheap VoIP and Callback calls to more than 190 countries

Callbacker app allows you to reduce your mobile costs significantly. Low-cost phone calls to any country in the world will allow you to talk longer for the same amount of money you usually spend on your mobile communication. You can estimate the cost of phone calls to different countries right in Callbacker.

Simple and friendly interface

The interface has been designed to make communication most comfortable. Your iPhone® Address book is integrated into Callbacker so that you could make phone calls just like using a regular phone. Simple, convenient and fast.

Excellent VoIP and Callback call quality

The quality will surprise you. Thanks to the "Callback" technology, you won't experience the flaws of traditional IP telephony, in which the quality of your talks depends on the quality of your Internet connection. Talking via Callbacker you use the network of your mobile service provider.