International Calls without
calling cards and phone cards!

Callbacker calling is cheaper and easier than
traditional calling cards! Save money on international calls.
Lowest possible rate for your calls at the best quality.


Main Callbacker services

Internet calls

High-quality and low-cost international calls. VoIP (SIP) service with Opus voice codec quality.


Callback - occurs when the originator of a call is immediately called back in a second call as a response.

SMS callback

Callback that is invoked by SMS. It works without Internet connection or slow connection.

Key features

High voice quality

Callbacker uses Opus voice codec, which is used in Skype and therefore Callbacker crystal clear sound!

Incoming calls when Callbacker turn off

Receiving free incoming calls when your Callbacker turned off throught the Push-notifications system.

Auto call method selection

Callbacker has an unique selection call method technology depending on the type and quality of communication.

Call records

You can turn on call recording button during a call. Recorded files can be sent to your email at the end of the call.

Make Money with Callbacker

Invite your friends and earn money with them money and money of their friends. Up to 5 levels.

Lowest prices on popular destinations

We try to make the cost of calls as low as possible.

Free messages and SMS

Like many programs for communication Callbacker also has the ability to send not only free messages, but SMS also.

Calls without internet connection

If you have no connection to the Internet, Callbacker can make a call using the SMS-call.

Voice changer

During a call, you can turn on voice change function for called parity did not recognize you. So you can make funny for your friends.

Are you ready make cheap calls?

Download the app from the AppStore or from the Goolge Play to your phone!

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