Как позвонить slovakia?

Virtual phone number Slovakia

country code Slovakia: +421

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Slovakia: virtual number cost

City Prefix code Price /monCall capabilityPossible SMS sending
Banska Bystrica+421 48$2.99call
Bardejov+421 54$2.99call
Bratislava+421 2$2.99call
Dunajska Streda+421 31$2.99call
Humenne+421 57$2.99call
Kosice+421 55$2.99call
Levice+421 36$2.99call
Liptovsky Mikulas+421 44$2.99call
Lucenec+421 47$2.99call
Martin+421 43$2.99call
Michalovce+421 56$2.99call
Nitra+421 37$2.99call
Nove Zamky+421 35$2.99call
Poprad+421 52$2.99call
Povazska Bystrica+421 42$2.99call
Presov+421 51$2.99call
Prievidza+421 46$2.99call
Roznava+421 58$2.99call
Senica+421 34$2.99call
Spisska Nova Ves+421 53$2.99call
Topolcany+421 38$2.99call
Trencin+421 32$2.99call
Trnava+421 33$2.99call
Zilina+421 41$2.99call
Zvolen+421 45$2.99call

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